If you have decided to make Mosaic your church home, we encourage you become a member.

We know it’s possible to feel well-connected and known through lifegroups and other relationships at Mosaic without official membership. However, in Acts 20:28 and 1 Peter 5:2, church leaders are encouraged to know who it is they are overseeing. For our pastors to be able to do that well, we have a formal membership process to help make sure everyone in our church is shepherded.

It’s also an important part of the process in making sure each member understands salvation through Jesus Christ, knows the importance of believers’ baptism, gets connected to the Body of Christ and agrees to Mosaic's Doctrinal Staetment. Membership is also required for volunteering with children or serving in a leadership capacity within the church.

Church Membership Process

Join a Lifegroup

Lifegroups are Christ centered communities devoted to connecting with each other and encountering God together.

Find a Lifegroup

Read Our Doctrinal Statement

We base everything we do off the word of God. The Bible is our plum line and standard. We encourage you to read our statement.

Read our Statement

Attend a Membership Class

Membership Class is a great way to meet some of our pastors, learn about the vision and values of Mosaic and have an opportunity to become a member.

Attend a Class